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Las Vegas, I don’t know who I am here

I find myself in a city that is ever bustling and yet I feel so alone

Having spent the last few years on my own, I thought the move would be fairly easy but I’m struggling. No one to talk to when I wake up, no one to talk to most of the day and no one to talk to at bedtime. I underestimated the connection I had with friends and family – Although I didn’t see them a lot, I saw them just enough. I miss having people around I know, I am envious when Greg goes out with friends several times a week. I’m glad he does, he needs the distraction from work, it’s just hard when I’m feeling very alone.

I cried tonight when I found out that I wouldn’t be home for the Mayweather fight. The one event he’ll be home for and I have to work late. We talk about going out when he’s home but we don’t really do much. I know it’s a time for him to unwind and he’d rather stay home – I get that.

I know Greg hates when I want to talk to him to much. He doesn’t really understand that he is my lifeline to surviving here in Las Vegas – for now. There is not one person I can call to just have company around. I miss my family so much.


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