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Wow, it’s 2012 already

I decided to visit my old blog, see how things have changed/not changed in the past 2 years.  It’s nice to read over some of my entries, others I look back on and wish I’d kept all the promises I made to myself.

May 2012

Things are going well, AJ is finishing up the fire fighter academy, Laura soon flies off to work for the church this summer and Simon is inquiring about joining the army.  I have a grandson now, little Troy just turned 1 and he is the sweetest little guy.

I’m still working at KU Medical Center and have a few families I still Nanny for.  I’m still in school and it looks like I won’t graduate for another couple of years.  Slow and steady is my new motto with school,  take it one class at a time – the degree will follow.

I meet with a new trainer tonight, I’m hoping we can get some results with my weight problem.  I’ve become very complacent and depressed about my size and need to take control.  I let so many things sabotage me – something has to work!

I’m going to be writing again – at least twice a week.  It’s good for me and I shouldn’t have given it up.


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